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It is here that you will find all my thoughts, findings and musings on all things skincare related. I shall be adding hints and tips on keeping your skin in tip top condition. I shall share with you the findings of further research into natural skincare. I will post my thoughts and feelings on the ethics of the products and the skincare industry as I find it. I shall entertain you with my adventures in the Merionwen lab and now and again I shall even share with you the odd recipe or two.

techie heaven

Category: merionwen's musings

The techie team at Merionwen Towers are happy bunnies today.

We have taken delivery of some exciting new equipment. Funded by the hugely successful crowdfunder pitch.

Chief tech wizard, the barefooted one, is busy unloading and positioning. He is itching and waiting to get his paws on the tech and make it do his bidding. Unfortunately, it is the middle of the working day and he will have to wait just a few short hours until he can play.

We have become the proud owners of a silhouette cameo and a spanking new laser printer. This exciting new addition will enable us to keep all packaging and labels in house. Affording us the luxury of entire control. We don't have to conform to standard shapes or colour, and will be able to do justice to the remarkable and wonderful designs provided by the talented Ann Lewis. Square labels? Pah! We laugh in the face of normal!

This weekend we are planning a marathon photography session. I consider myself very lucky that even this can be done to a professional standard in house. There is clearly no limit to the barefoot one's talents! Heck, he can even put together the perfect sarnie, and his tea is the business.

So a big hurrah for the Barefoot boy. Techie wizard, accounts manager, chief guinea pig, photographer and tea boy. What a guy!

13:50:33 18-06-2013

sugar and spice

Category: products

Merionwen Towers is awash with the scent of sugar and spice.

Today's formulations consist of foaming body polish.

The sun has got his hat on and we want to go out to play. However, we all want smooth skin to give us the daring to get our shorts and cossies on.

If, like me you suffer with milk bottle legs after a long and chilly winter you will feel the need to jump in the shower and give the skin a bit of a buff before indulging in some vitamin D forming rays.

Of course, the last thing I would advocate is lounging around under the midday sun and damaging our delicate birthday suits with too many photons. I do, however, advise you all to think sensibly, cover up when necessary and get out there and enjoy it.

So, it's time for a skin M.O.T!

In my previous post I talked you through body brushing. (link)

What could be better than following this up with a warm shower and a hand full of foaming body polish.

There are three formulations about to hit the shelves. all blended with their unique properties in mind.

Base Formula.

An organic coconut oil and fairtrade light brown sugar base. I have always had a penchant for sugar scrubs but have rarely come across and that has a secondary benefit of foaming in place of soap. I have addressed this issue with organic, pure and delicate castile. Gentle and cleansing it doesn't add any worry of SLS to the formula.

Strawberry and Black Pepper.

Strawberries can help the skin feel softer and more supple, while black pepper is a natural detoxifier. This scrub utilises finely ground peppercorns and strawberry seeds as an added bonus to exfoliate and slough those dead cells away.

Vanilla Coffee.

There is no better way to start a lazy Sunday than with a rich and heady mixture of vanilla and coffee. The vanilla naturally balances the rich bitterness of good coffee. Leaving you skin singing and a delicious lingering aroma of vanilla. Coffee is packed with antioxidants and acts as an anti inflammatory. Utilising the blend of rich ground coffee and whole vanilla beans for their exfoliating properties. Polishing the skin to a luxurious shine.

Vintage Rose and Frankincense.

Roses and frankincense have been uses through time immemorial in valued and luxurious skincare. Rose is a classic scent that evokes an image of age old country gardens and lazy afternoons. Frankincense brings a touch of the exotic to the other wise traditional. However, it is no accident that I have brought these to gems together. Rose has many therapeutic properties. Not least the wonderful effect it has on dry, sensitive and ageing skin. Frankincense mirrors this beautifully with it's hydrating and rejuvenating properties. There is a delightful addition of ground rose petals in this polish. It gently exfoliates while leaving you beautifully yet delicately scented.

12:53:37 18-06-2013

body brushing for beautiful bottoms

Category: hints & tips

I do hope that Merionwen will become a name that brings to mind image of quality and indulgent skincare. Products that feed the skin and give a healthy glow. However, products can't do it all alone. We need to help our skin be at it's best.

I'm sure we all know how disheartening the sight of dimply orange peel skin and pale cellulite thighs come the arrival of the sunshine can be. Our poor skin can be starved of sunlight during the winter months and longs to drink in the vitamin D enhancing rays. Of course, we all wish to take good care of our skin and protect it from harmful rays, but we must not forget that we need the sunlight for the synthesis of Vitamin D. A sensible approach and moderation is key.

However, I digress. Cellulite! The bane of the lady's bottom!

Well, I have discovered (rather late in life) that one of the most effective ways of combating excess cellulite and dull grey skin is to body brush.

When you are waiting for the bath to fill or the shower to reach it's optimum temperature grab that body brush and go to work. It stimulates tired circulation and helps to flush toxins out of the skin. It assists in the break down of fatty pockets that give the appearance of cellulite. You can use a variety of things to "brush" but a purpose bought body brush is ideal. However, you can also use a loofah or even a sisal mitten.

Start at your toes and sweep upwards, be firm but gentle. Brushing your knees in small circles. Work upward to your thighs and buttocks in smooth circling motions. It's really rather a good feeling, energising! move upward towards your heart, taking special care to use gentle sweeping strokes over your stomach and breasts. After all, you don't want bruises!

Then sweep up your arms from your finger tips. Using small circling strokes upon you elbows. Don't forget your back! A long handled brush is ideal for this but you can always ask a handy partner to assist if you don't have a brush to hand. Always working towards the heart and starting at the bottom.

Then when you skin is singing with pleasure hop on into the shower or bath and slough off those dead cells.

You will see the benefit over just a small amount of time if you can take just a couple of minutes to make this part of your daily routine.

Don't forget though. There is more to skincare. One of the most important parts of healthy skin is a healthy diet and to keep well hydrated!


14:22:42 13-06-2013

the future is bright

Category: merionwen's musings

Here at Merionwen Towers things are going at a pace. The primary safety assessments are in place, the challenge testing is going great, the formulating is inspired and of course the products are filling the shelves.

I am looking forward to the official launch of the on line shop. This is scheduled for the 14th July. Vouchers for the crowdfunder investors will be issued upon the same day. I plan to break these down into manageable chunks of £10 and £20, with the 20% addition. Of course if those of you who have more than one voucher wish to use them all at once that is fine, but I would not wish you to feel you had to spend it all at once.

The stock shelves smell heavenly and I hope to share it with you all in the near future. I must say, I'm rather excited!

I would love to hear from you. Any requests are welcome.

In the fullness of time I shall also be offering a bespoke consultation for your skincare. I shall endeavour to assist where I can and provide you with optimum skincare while keeping your ethics intact.


13:54:08 13-06-2013

welcome to the blog

Category: merionwen's musings

Hello and welcome to the all new Merionwen blog.

It is here that you will find all my thoughts, findings and musings on all things skincare related. I shall be adding hints and tips on keeping your skin in tip top condition. I shall share with you the findings of further research into natural skincare. I will post my thoughts and feelings on the ethics of the products and the skincare industry as I find it. I shall entertain you with my adventures in the Merionwen lab and now and again I shall even share with you the odd recipe or two.

It is my honour and privileged to be able to share with you the path to wonderful skincare.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those who have assisted me in my quest to reach this point.

Thank you to Andrew Howard for his assistance and expertise in building this beautiful website. I also owe him heartfelt thanks for his unfailing belief in me, not to mention his willingness to be my primary guinea pig. He seems to take great delight in making himself available to be smothered in creams, lotions and potions. He never complains and is open and honest with constructive advice.

Thank you to Ann Lewis for her inspired artistic vision. She has a true and remarkable talent and I feel very lucky that she has shared it with me.

Thank you to Star Khechara, and the school of holistic cosmetology. A truly inspirational mentor who has given me the confidence, training and knowledge to be able to make my dream a reality.

Last but by no means least, thanks also goes to every one of my customers past, present and future. You are all WONDERFUL!


13:16:44 13-06-2013