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It is here that you will find all my thoughts, findings and musings on all things skincare related. I shall be adding hints and tips on keeping your skin in tip top condition. I shall share with you the findings of further research into natural skincare. I will post my thoughts and feelings on the ethics of the products and the skincare industry as I find it. I shall entertain you with my adventures in the Merionwen lab and now and again I shall even share with you the odd recipe or two.

a bountiful return

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Hello folks.

First thing first I feel I need to apologise for my absence. I come bearing a note from home to explain my tardiness.

Suffice to say I have not been sat idle here at Merionwen Towers, quite the opposite. I have in fact been a very busy bee over the last year. As you may remember from my previous blog post, I had taken on a BSc in medical herbalism. I am now a year into the course and am pleased to say I have passed all the exams for the first year.

To say that a full time course and running a successful skincare business has been hard would be an understatement. I am all too happy to put my hands in the air and declare it a steep learning curve. Juggling stuffy technical tomes with time at the formulation table has been tight. It was with this in mind I took the very conscious decision to pull back the on line marketing a little. I never wanted to find myself in a position where I could not bring the highest quality goodies to the shop and let my loyal customers down as I would have to strive for quantity over quality. This would go against every fibre of my being. It was this decision that slowed the marketing to keep up with the customer base I have enjoyed working with so far.

In time, I am sure you can all appreciate Merionwen will benefit from this as I will be able to bring the expertise I am gaining to the product on offer. There will be more and more nourishing and helpful qualities in the goodies I produce.

I am also pleased to announce that I have garnered some new qualifications in this time in reflexology, hot stone massage, anatomy and physiology, biochemistry and of course nutrition.

I no longer feel that I am simply regurgitating pre-read advice when telling you that good skin and hair comes primarily from within. I now have a shiny piece of paper that confirms this. I have always been a firm believer that the hair and skin are wonderful indicators to good health. So, naturally it follows that good health with shine through and keep you looking good.

I have also struck up affiliation with Formula Botanica the expert skin science school that I was lucky enough to do my training with studying both the primary diploma and then the advanced diploma. Soon I hope to also complete the tutor training and a shiny new page will be found added to the website as I offer lessons and training in how to make your own goodies. Of course I wouldn’t want to lose customers but it is more important to us here at Merionwen that knowledge is wealth and that is to be shared. There will be a new blog pot and website buttons soon to sign up to the school and telling you all about the lovely owner and hardworking skincare expert, Lorraine Dallmere.

I am also lucky enough to have a dear friend, Karin who wished to stock Merionwen goodies in her up and coming herbal shop. I will also be found here offering therapies just one day a week. It is based in Metheringham and in good time I shall blog about it to tell you where, when and how. Currently it is being renovated before its grand opening.

Last but by no means have least the techie team and I decided to attempt to bless our family with some tiny feet. (I hope you have guessed by now I use the word team loosely and it is a team of one). You can read all about our trials and tribulations here.. It will be a wonderful new chapter to our life but as far as Merionwen goes it will afford me the opportunity to add a range of delightful tried and tested baby goodies to the shelves. I am thinking mild and gentle soaps for sticky toddler fingers, Calendula infused botty butter and other such goodies. I will also keep in mind that any other herbal affectations I adopt will do well here, so lavender wants to keep moths at bay and tiddly togs smelling divine could be seen in the shop too.

So on my to do list :-

Buttons for affiliation,

More sweet smelling goodies,

Stock for Karin,

Make a baby.

A pretty good list I think. I do love my job.

15:27:38 23-07-2014

every day is a school day

Category: merionwen's musings

Well hello there folks.

It seems an age since I last posted.

Here at Merionwen Towers it's all go. Things are hectic and fun packed as usual.

Not only am I constantly stirring the lotions and potions, but I am also embarking and the great adventure of education.

I've always loved learning new things. Indeed, my dear and wonderful Mummy Merionwen has endlessly referred to me as the eternal student. A moniker I am more than happy to live up to. Of course, I've not gone completely barmy and started to study quantum physics or Art History (although this is where my A-levels lie).

I am undertaking a BSc (hons) course in Herbal Medicine. This will further my existing qualification in this field. I'm just reaching the end of the first term and I am loving it. It is so very very in depth, studying subjects like biochemistry, pharmacology and other such ologys...

I also do one day a fortnight of clinical practice at Lincoln Uni's training clinic. Now for a quick plug...If you are in the area and wish for a consultation please make an appointment. The number is 01522 886113. All the consultations are free and any medication is very reasonably priced.

I hope to follow this up with an MSc in the same subject and the possibility of a teaching qualification. I would love to be able to share my knowledge on a professional basis. Of course I also wish to use my love of herbs in my lotions and potions.

We'll all be scented like the most delicious garden if Merionwen has her way :)

18:54:38 02-12-2013