techie heaven

The techie team at Merionwen Towers are happy bunnies today.

We have taken delivery of some exciting new equipment. Funded by the hugely successful crowdfunder pitch.

Chief tech wizard, the barefooted one, is busy unloading and positioning. He is itching and waiting to get his paws on the tech and make it do his bidding. Unfortunately, it is the middle of the working day and he will have to wait just a few short hours until he can play.

We have become the proud owners of a silhouette cameo and a spanking new laser printer. This exciting new addition will enable us to keep all packaging and labels in house. Affording us the luxury of entire control. We don't have to conform to standard shapes or colour, and will be able to do justice to the remarkable and wonderful designs provided by the talented Ann Lewis. Square labels? Pah! We laugh in the face of normal!

This weekend we are planning a marathon photography session. I consider myself very lucky that even this can be done to a professional standard in house. There is clearly no limit to the barefoot one's talents! Heck, he can even put together the perfect sarnie, and his tea is the business.

So a big hurrah for the Barefoot boy. Techie wizard, accounts manager, chief guinea pig, photographer and tea boy. What a guy!

13:50:33 18-06-2013
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