busy buzzy bumble bee

There is never enough hours in the day here at Merionwen Towers.

I have been popping things into the shop as an when I can. However, this also involves a lot of backstage organising. There is the shop, pifs (product information files), EO sensitisers to work out and lets not forget the new EU fun and games of uploading all information on a spanking new EU cosmetics notification portal. All this to make sure that every thing is in place the way it should be.

However, that is not all that is happening here at the towers. I am also completing a few courses. I do love to learn and research. I already have a few relevant qualifications but I like to tick boxes and make sure I am fully informed. I have to date a HND in phytotherapy (master herbalism); and high level diplomas in a variety of other therapies; massage, cosmetology, aromatherapy, hot stone massage, anatomy and physiology to name a few. My long term goal is to secure a HND in clinical nutrition and a BSc in phytotherapy.

All in all this makes for a very busy bee, but I am loving it.

Perhaps it is time I told you a bit more about myself?

Well, I am a mum of two splendid kids and devoted my early twenties to them. When I went back to work I forged a career in the history and heritage sector. I often found myself playing a medieval or tudor herbalist and found a new love of herbs and all things natural.

I had always loved the more natural way of life and had been a keen gardener for many years. I have always been aware of what I was putting into my body and what I was putting on my skin.

In this particular sector I found myself tasked with growing a medieval herb and pleasure garden. I went about it by researching the appropriate plants and herbs and why we used them. My knowledge base grew as did my passion.

Then due to unforeseen circumstances my life took a bit of a left turn. I gave up my much loved job to concentrate on my children, home life and health.

I found myself floundering and in need of something to stimulate my passions for nature and it's relationship with human health.

In the next couple of years I completed my HND in phytotherapy. This grew into further training and qualifications in complementary therapies including cosmetology.

And that, dear reader leads us nicely to here.

I am now the proud owner of a growing business. A successful complementary therapist and an eternal student.

I don't think I will ever stop learning. But it makes me happy.

Next up I think will be advanced reflexology, botany, horticulture and of course the HND and BSC. (I have an extensive list).

Everyone needs a hobby, right?

23:19:10 17-07-2013
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